Apples & Cheese Snack Pack

What’s sweet, savory, and ready to eat anytime, anywhere? Our Taylor Farms Apples & Cheese snack pack. Sink your teeth into delectable apple slices, a generous portion of sweet carrots, premium cheddar cheese slices, and a big scoop of raw almonds. It’s so fresh and tasty, you will feel like you just got back from the local farmer’s market. Plus, you’ll boost your health and energy with 10 grams of protein, lots of calcium, no added sugar, and only 260 calories.

Product Features
  • Prepped and ready to enjoy
  • Only 260 calories per serving
  • Sustainably grown

Our Apples & Cheese snack pack makes the perfect snack to include in kids’ school lunches, break time at work, road trips, camping, and more. It’s even great when you’re just lying on the couch in the mood for something fast, easy, and healthy. There’s no prep work, washing, rinsing, chopping, or slicing to be done. Just peel open the convenient package, smell the fresh ingredients, and dig in! Snack happy knowing that all of our delicious ingredients and vegetables are not only nutritious and fresh, but they are also sustainably grown. Our Apples & Cheese snack pack is fun, delicious, and a convenient alternative to junk food. Try it, your body will thank you for it.