Organic Kale Caesar Chopped Salad Kit

A slightly new twist on a longtime favorite. Not quite as old as the Roman empire itself, our Organic Kale Caesar Chopped Salad Kit takes the classic Caesar base of crisp, chopped romaine lettuce and adds a blend of hearty kale and spicy radicchio for an even more robust and flavorful combination of leafy veggies. Add the included parmesan cheese, garlic romano crouton crumbles, and our renowned creamy Caesar dressing, and you’re all set—a perfectly satisfying Caesar salad that’s ready right out of the bag, with no need to wash or prep anything beforehand. 

Although satisfying enough to be a meal on its own, feel free to top this organic salad with proteins like blackened shrimp, sauteed tofu, or grilled chicken, or go the all-veggie route with a grilled veggie kabob. With fiber, iron, and potassium, this chopped salad kit is organic and sustainably-farmed.

Product Features
  • Complete salad kit including unique toppings & dressing
  • Fully washed and ready to enjoy
  • Assembles in less than 3 minutes
  • Only 200 calories per serving